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8008now is an independent and flexible brand and marketing consultancy for SMEs, start-ups and marketing professionals.

Independent of projects and without long-term contracts. 8008now is at your side whenever you need advice from our brand experts.


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Does these questions sound familiar?

How can I become more visible to new customers?

How can I stand out from the competition?

How can I increase my profitability?

How can I further develop my product portfolio?

How can I find the right agency?

How do I attract the right employees?

How can I preserve the identity of my company in the event of a change of ownership?

8008now can help you answer these questions and put concrete measures in place. Take advantage of 8008now’s consulting services to move your business forward.

Your 8008now benefits

No Contracts

Pay only for the expertise and advise you need, when you need it.

Direct Results

Get actionable insights and strategies within your one-hour session. 

Expert Consultants

Access a network of vetted specialists in various brand-related fields. 

100% Independent

Completely independent of any specific projects or services.

Direct results - sustainable approach

“Large marketing projects are often not feasible or sensible for smaller companies. However, consulting only takes place within the framework of these projects. With 8008now, we decouple consulting from projects. The potential of a brand can also be utilised without large advertising media and elaborate social media campaigns.””

Christine Goehler, Founder 8008 – Brand Advisory

Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room.

Logo for a Startup
A startup, yet to secure seed investment, recognized the importance of building a brand but lacked the resources for a complete visual identity. In our one-hour consultation, we explored their vision, values, and target audience. By the end, they gained actionable guidance on crafting their brand identity—starting with a name, logo, and color scheme—laying the groundwork for future development. Despite limited resources, they're set on a sustainable path to establish trust and loyalty from the outset of their journey.
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Visibility for B2B
In a one-hour consultation, 8008now advised a small B2B printer business on enhancing visibility. Recommendations included optimising their online presence through website improvements and strategic social media engagement. We emphasised the importance of targeting niche markets and building partnerships with complementary businesses. Additionally, leveraging customer testimonials and referrals can boost credibility and attract new clients.
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Business growth
In a concise consultation, 8008now advised a small electrical engineering company on growing their business through branding. We recommended clarifying their brand identity, showcasing expertise through case studies, and leveraging digital marketing for expanded reach and engagement. The session included clear action points that the company could follow up on themself.
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How does it work?

Get to know

Before your very first appointment, you will get to know your future 8008now Brand Consultant.


After getting to know us, you can book a consultation appointment at any time.


In one session, we offer you customised advice with actionable steps.

Your questions - Our answers

What does a consultation cost?

The initial meeting is free of charge.

The price for the consultation (60 minutes) is 200 Euro. In Switzerland there is an additional 8.1% VAT which is waived for clients whose registered office/billing address is outside of Switzerland.

Free introductory meeting: Book a meeting via our website to get to know us and discuss whether 8008now is right for you.

Book an appointment: If you decide to work with us, you can book a consultation immediately after the introductory meeting or at any time later.

Payment: You can pay directly at the time of booking by PayPal/credit card or by invoice. We will send the invoice to the company or, if you prefer, to the individual.

8008now is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. Of course, everyone else is welcome.

For customers with whom we have larger projects, our consulting services are of course already included in the project.

After booking, we will send you an appointment with the appropriate dial-in link. Consultations take place online via video call. This allows us to be flexible in terms of time and location, so we can give you the best possible support wherever you are. Face-to-face meetings are also available on request.

You don’t need to prepare anything for the meeting.

Yes, 8008 can also help you implement the recommendations developed. We also have a large network of experienced partners that we are happy to recommend.


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