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8008 Brand Advisory - We identify a company's strengths and opportunities in order to leverage them strategically as a brand.


"Only brands with a strong core and consistent implementation provide orientation."

Christine Goehler, Founder & CEO 8008 – Brand Advisory

8008 Christine Goehler

8008 - Brand Advisory is a privately owned strategic brand consulting agency based in Zurich, Essen and Milan. We support companies in the structured and efficient development and management of their brands.

Our Services

Strategic brand consultancy

Advising senior executives on all aspects of brand strategy to reviewing brand set-up or brand strength.

Brand development & -refining

Developing brands from scratch or refining and sharpening existing one.

Governance & Implementation

Establish tools and messages to keep your brand and communications consistent and inspiring.

Managing brand projects

Leading or supporting strategic brand projects as part of a team or as an independent task force.

New: Brand Advise on demand

8008now is a project independent and flexible brand and marketing consultancy service for SMEs, start-ups and marketing professionals.

The 8008 Principle


What we do lasts. With a strong brand core, we enable long term yet agile brandmanagement without losing identity. 


We get to the heart of the matter. By reducing complexity, focusing on the essentials and enabling measurability. 


We develop and manage brands based on the company’s identity. This ensures the brand remains authentic and provides continuity and direction. 


We think about brands holistically. This enables us to bring together all the elements that make a brand successful and manageable. 

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