Andy Hermann “Boundless Expressions”



The title of the exhibition “Boundless Expressions” reveals Andy’s belief that the power of art can transcend boundaries and inspire new possibilities. Thus transcending the boundaries of materiality, Andy’s works explore the combining of materials and media. New works are unveiled along some picked from his studio stock in Horgen, Switzerland.

His multifaceted practice, includes painting, mixed media, work on paper, photography with a special focus on conceptual art. Hermann blends abstraction with conceptual art and works with different materials such as plastic, nails and nylon. Along the concept of upcycling-art Andy collects randomly found objects in the city streets or nature, up-lifts them into a second life within a piece of Art and telling stories that are rarely conclusive in nature, preferring to leave room for interpretation.

Andy Hermann  (b.1986, Athens, Greece), lives and works on the Westcoast of the Zurich Lake in Horgen, Switzerland.

Finissage 29.02.2024 18:00h


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